IN-AIR Residens: Nønne Mai Svalholm

Foto: Louise Kirkegaard

Foto: Louise Kirkegaard


The experienced body is a symbol of transformation, life and death – a travelling tropeto be found all over the word,Nønne Mai Svalholm is the Artistic Director and Choreographer

 Since 2015 we have worked with staging the experienced body (60+). Nønne Mai Svalholm works choreographically with the juxtaposition between body and object. With manipulation of the body, objects and symbols, we open up for reinterpretations of the subject, the object, human life and the world of which we are part.
This endeavour has resulted in a trilogy of performances inspired by the theme Rethink Ageing:

Circuit – a reflection on ageing (2016)

Ultima (2017) 

Gravity – a perception of value (2019)

 These performances have received funding from The Danish Arts Council, Arts Council, Aarhus, Augustinus Fonden and Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.

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