Jakob is the newest dance work by Tony Tran. Two male performers depart into an intense elliptic journey that gradually reveals the destructive intimacy and violent love between two human beings dependent on each other. He invites the audience into a seemingly playful choreography that aims to generate a self-reflective experience. It investigates the reasons for why we limit our availibilities and our capacities to open up for one another, and to support and accept each other.

 With a movement language that generates metaphoric pictures and symbolic gestures, and that is yet emotionaly detached, Jakob is the continuation of Tony Tran’s ongoing research on power and identity in human relationships. How does the person or party we are relating to take part in the choices we make? How does this shape our behaviour, our individual actions and how we meet the others?




Tony Tran 

Creation and performers:

Tony Tran and Knut Vikstrøm Precht


Thomas Schaupp

Sound design:

Per Platou

Light Design:

Tobias Leira

Research with:

Fabian Wixe


NAPA (GL), CSC Bassano Del Grappa (IT), Østfold Kulturutvikling (NO), Dans i Trøndelag (NO), MDC San Vincenti (HR)


Au Brana Centre (FR)

Supported by:

Art Council Norway, Nordic Culture Fond, SPENN, Nordic Culture Point