Kortreist dance festival 2019 will take place from June 23 to June 27.

This year’s artist in residence is MajaRoel who’s visiting with the performance Homo Ludens–The playful human.
This year, Leik (Play) is the thematic hub of the entire festival.

In Homo Ludens, Roel plays with the illusion that "the playful human" is an endangered species. The audience is invited to The Lutheran Empire in Inderøy to tumble around in activities that can strengthen their gay-ludic being. 

This is to preserve the playful man for the future. 

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Anyone who takes the liberty of playing seriously, will never be able to be completely suppressed. In the rest of the program we unfold various aspects of playing, and let this quote by dance artist Steffi Lund inspire us.

How can the notion of play have a serious and a liberating function simultaneously?

What values do play have indifferent phases of life?

How are artists and their oeuvres characterized by play?

We are looking forward to Kortreist dance festival 2019, which this year is going to appear in new and unfamiliar places!

Maja Roel  Festival artist 2019

Maja Roel
Festival artist 2019


Maja Roel works as freelancer performing artist and choreographer, based in Oslo. She has both a theoretical and practical education in performing arts, from the College of Performing Arts in Amsterdam, the School of Contemporary Dance and the University of Oslo (theater science). Roel has since 2005 developed a number of scenic works that have tackled topics such as death, malice, gender, market liberalism and the playful human. She has worked both site-specific and for traditional stages, among other things on a driving bus, on a helicopter landing at a hospital and on an island in the Oslo Fjord. Her latest project “We were here” with practitioners from five generations, had its premiere at Brageteateret in October 2018. In 2013, Maja Roel was awarded a three-year work scholarship for younger / newly established artists from the State Arts Grant. She is part of the performing arts collective Sorialab at Torshov.

Read more at www.majaroel.no